Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank you Tipsters!

Wow.  I wasn’t expecting any tips to come this quickly, but alas we already have some amazing information that have come from two different sources.  *Disclaimer*: The following information came to me from an anonymous source, and it has yet to be verified by the author of this blog.

Utah Lawsuit

On the ESS website it states, “[t]he Utah project with our Utah partners is currently raising funds to construct production systems in Utah to recover hydrocarbons from tar sands and oil shale.” 

Apparently we were not told the whole story about the Utah Venture.  In the early 2000s a lawsuit was filed by the Utah partner against David Feuerborn, Thomas Jennings, et al. for fraud relating to the chemical scam.  This lawsuit was filed in Utah state court.  The tipster gave me the county where the lawsuit was filed.  Once I get the information from the courthouse I can post the lawsuit number and pertinent information on this blog.  It is amazing how many lawsuits have been filed against Feuerborn and Jennings that relate to the chemical scam.  It seems that they keep trying to cover them up and explain them away with lies.  I am told the Utah Lawsuit ended in a settlement agreement between all the parties.    

Asa Kilander

The tipster confirmed that Asa Kilander is the girlfriend of David Feuerborn.  He also linked me to her Facebook page which indicated that she is friends with an “S. Feuerborn” (presumably kin to David).  As far as I am concerned this is definitive proof of this alleged relationship.  The tipster also informed me that she has in depth knowledge about the chemical and the scam.  The tipster indicated that this is why she was paid by ESS.  The tipster stated that he/she recently sent this information to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  Maybe further criminal charges can be brought against the co-conspirators in this fraud to stop it once and for all. 

ESS Lawsuit 

Lastly, the tipster informed me that there is a group of ESS investors that have hired an attorney to determine if it will be feasible to file a lawsuit against Feuerborn, Jennings, and the other co-conspirators that received money from ESS (presumably the family members and friends that I have already mentioned).  I don’t know if this will be worth it because the IRS and Freestone are already going after them, and the IRS will probably get most of the assets of David and Tom.  Maybe they can get money from the other co-conspirators that were paid by ESS and that knew about the scam all along.  When the government published the W-2 forms it gave valuable insight into the money trail and who to go after.  The depositions in the Criminal and Civil cases will also give an indication of who knew what, and when they knew it. 

Second Tipster

As I began writing this blog entry I received another “You have mail” notification.  A second tipster informed me that two federal agents were in attendance at the Freestone hearing that took place a couple of weeks ago.  The tipster did not elaborate on why they wanted to attend the hearing.  Also, the second tipster stated that the judge questioned Larry Shultz about his association with David and Tom even though it was not brought up by the Plaintiff’s (Freestone’s) attorney.  Larry responded by saying he had no affiliation with David or Tom, but only introduced Freestone to David, Tom, and their company.  I find it very interesting that the judge probed into his affiliation with them.  The judge presiding over the Civil Case was previously a U.S. Attorney.  Maybe he finds it interesting that two of the defendants are being prosecuted by his former employer (the U.S. Government)? 

It looks as if the new partner of David and Tom, Shultz, is trying to totally distance himself from the scam and possible criminal charges.  I can’t say that I blame him, but I don’t know how believable it is to think that he was totally ignorant of their scam and the chemical's toxicity.  I will be able to confirm these statements once I receive the full transcript of the hearing.      

-ESS Investor 

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